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Pledge Drive Program


What is the Pledge Program?

The pledge is a one-time, per-student contribution that replaces door-to-door product sales. The school receives only a fraction of the money raised with those kinds of fundraisers.  This ensures 100% of the money you contribute goes directly to Heritage Elementary. The Pledge Drive Program is the main fundraiser for the PTCO.


Where does the money go?

Your contribution will directly enhance your child’s daily school experience. Ninety-eight percent of the money raised goes toward grants and enrichment projects. The following outlines how the money raised has been spent:


  • Grant for Teacher Assistant hours: each year, we get a grant request to provide additional TA support (above what the district provides). Because of this grant, students get additional educational support in the classroom every day.

  • Teacher submitted grants: requests directly from teachers and staff; funded items include technology, books, music therapy program for ILC, camera for yearbook, dictionaries for ELA, balance boards for PE, slackline for PE, soccer goals for PE, balance stools and cushions, cafeteria tables, kiln for the art room, etc

  • Enrichment: field trips, field day, assemblies, etc.

  • Operations: bank fees, accounting software, membership dues, taxes, etc.


How do I make my pledge?

You can write a check and turn it into the main office, made out to Heritage PTCO, or pay by credit card or e-check at You can also use PayPal at PayPal.Me/heritageptco .

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the pledge drive committee chair at Thank you for your support of Heritage Elementary School PTCO.

Help Our School Grow!

- Pledge Drive Committee 

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